First information and high quality screens of Mass Effect 3 released (updated 2.0)

Geplaatst op: 8 april 2011 door Erik Dekker in Nieuws
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Update 2.0 all the high quality scans are present. You can find the whole Game Informer article below!

Update 1.5: Added nine more screens! The new scans are on top of the old ones, so the first nine are new.

Update: added two new scans. Expect more to be posted soon.

By Erik Dekker and Niels Dekker

Recently on Gamegasm, we’ve mentioned (in Dutch) that we may expect the first information regarding the final episode of Bioware’s space odyssey Mass Effect. I did not expect that the first leaks would happen today however. Several people claim to have their latest issue of Game Informer and they all confirm the same information that can be found in the 12-page article.

A few pictures of the screens have been made as well and I’ve managed to get my hands on them. Once again, all credit goes to Game Informer for providing the information. Please note that this text will not be spoiler free. So please be warned.

We are aware there is already a similiar article on Gamegasm, but that one’s in Dutch. This one is for our international readers. Enjoy!

Here are some things you may expect in Mass Effect 3:

Game begins with Shepard on Earth
– Shepard is on trial in regard to the events of Arrival
– Reapers invade while the trial is happening
– Prologue: Shepard’s escape to the Normandy, off to start finding allies, fighting Reaper troops
– Squadmates include Liara, Ashley/Kaiden, Garrus, James Sanders
– Screenshot shown of Ashley with her hair down
– Confirmed appearances (may not be squadmates): Wrex, Mordin, Legion, and Anderson
– Game will show a “previously on Mass Effect” comic to make decisions if you’re starting from scartch
– The Illusive Man plays a big role
– Cerberus is out to kill Shepard
– Enhanced RPG elements
– More freedom with character skills
– Larger skill trees
– Powers will evolve several times, not just once
– Weapons are like the ones in Mass Effect 2, have a set list
– Mods returning, swap out different parts such as barrels, scopes (effect both the weapon’s combat performance and its appearance)
– All classes can wield all weapons unhindered now,
– There will be limited slots to carry these weapons
– Soldier can carry all weapons at once
– Adept, Engineer, and Sentinel will likely be limited to two weapons, three for Vanguard and Infiltrator
– Numerous endings
– Who you have in your squad and which allies you recruit greatly impact the endings that are available
– No multiplayer

That’s a lot of new information, isn’t it? The first thing I noticed is that Mass Effect 3 will not support any form of multiplayer. Interesting, considering Bioware mentioned they did want to implement some sort of online function. I won’t complain about their new decision though. Some games simply don’t need multiplayer. No, it’s better the brilliant minds at Bioware will put their full focus on great storytelling and creating an unforgettable atmosphere. Considering it’s the last episode in the trilogy, they’d better focus on making the single player as best as can be, than by adding a half assed multiplayer mode.

The fact that the game will take off on planet Earth, confirms my thoughts that the artwork in yesterday’s added article is about Shepard’s home planet. Looking at the new and fresh released information, it seems that The Illusive Man along with Cerberus is out for revenge on Shepard. The exact reason is unfortunately still unknown at this point,. Regardless, all arrows point to the fact that this may be Shepard’s most dangerous adventure yet. A full throttled Reaper attack, along with Cerberus on your tail is not what I call a family vacation.

Weapons and armor customization seem to get a significant boost in comparison to Mass Effect 2. For example, it’s now possible to mod your weapons with a scope, a bigger barrel or a silencer. Even though Mass Effect 2 was brilliant in my book, I couldn’t help but be slightly annoyed by the fact that Bioware took a huge step backwards in terms of customization. I love loot in games, and Mass Effect was one big treasure room. Granted, only 5% of the loot was actually worthwhile, but you can catch my drift. It seems Mass Effect 3 will find a good balance between the weapon- and armor system of both Mass Effect 1 and 2. Alongside of that, skills will get considerable more depth and can be upgraded more than once this time. You can upgrade them by following a long branch in your skilltree.

Unlike earlier Mass Effect games, it’s possible to wear any sort of weapon without any penalty, regardless of the class you are using. For example: if you choose to play as an Adept (a class that is specialized in biotic powers), you can choose to wield a Bazooka without suffering from negative effects. Because Adepts aren’t known for their strength,  this is an interesting new feature. This also brings new combat tactics to the table. I’m wondering how Bioware will keep every class interesting to play with, because now the line between a Soldier and an Adept will blur out a bit.

Bringing different party members, will decide the outcome of the story for a great part. The many dialogues and moral choices you will make alongside your companions, will without a doubt contribute to the climax of Mass Effect 3. Hey, Bioware wouldn’t be Bioware if you would not have to deal with a couple of difficult and sometimes ethical choices. The confirmed party members so far are Liara, Ashley/Kaiden, Garrus and a new face called James Sanders. If I recall correctly, it’s the sniper in the London Tower, seen previously in the teaser trailer of Mass Effect 3. The many Tali fans out there will have to hold their breath for now, because there’s no word about her role yet.

You can find the first scans after the break.

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  1. Dimitri schreef:

    Since DAII I’m very skeptic about the info on games Bioware puts forward

    • Erik Dekker schreef:

      I have to agree with you. I have yet to play DA2 but I’m hearing mixed reviews about the game. I’m not used to that with Bioware games. Still I’m hungering for more Dragon Age, so I will get to play it eventually.

      But we can only wait and see how ME3 turns out. I’m pretty psyched, honestly.

      • Dimitri schreef:

        Well, honestly if you liked DA 1 for being a fully fledged deep and rich RPG ( like Baldurs gate for example). Then don’t go for DAII, because you won’t like it…

      • Taegeuk schreef:

        I would disagree, DA2 has a deeper combat system, better ACTUAL role playing elements and the skill web is way better and offers better customization than the skill trees in Origins.

        Anyway, looking forward to this, it sounds similar to Origins, but hopefully the ME team can make things less static than the DA team did in Origins when gathering allies.

  2. KingOfBudgies schreef:

    Where’s page 53?

  3. Erissa schreef:

    I’m excited..Can’t wait..:D

  4. insufferable schreef:

    I’m pretty excited. Though I don’t care about Kaiden coming back (I always leave Ash with the nuke). Everything else about this game just sounds really great, it sounds like Bioware has been listening to both praise and criticism and are aiming to put out a memorable conclusion to Shep’s story.

    • Erik Dekker schreef:

      Funny, I always leave Kaiden with the Nuke (hey I’m all up for more women:p) I have my thoughts about Bioware after the mixed reviews of DA2 (I have yet to play it though), but I’m pretty psyched for ME3! Loved the first two games so this should provide an intense climax to the trilogy.

  5. Nevyn schreef:

    ::sigh:: What is so hard about spelling Kaidan’s name correctly?
    In any case, I am thrilled he is finally coming back. I have missed him ^^

  6. Lee schreef:

    There will be multi-player. It has been compared to Gears of War ‘Horde Mode’.

  7. newprojectsnoida schreef:

    A user on the BioWare forums has posted an allegedly complete list of weapons and upgrades from Mass Effect 3 Weapons. Though unofficial, the list appears genuine and is accompanied by a leaked screenshot of the game’s loadout screen.

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