Gamegasm International: Super Street Fighter IV

Geplaatst op: 8 oktober 2010 door Erik Dekker in Reviews

In ons nieuwste experiment genaamd Gamegasm International, nemen Engels sprekende co-bloggers het woord en schrijven ze over van alles wat ze bezig houdt. Dit kunnen verhalen zijn over de meest toffe dingen die ze mee hebben gemaakt, reviews over games maar ook artikelen die gaan over zaken in en rond de games industrie. De enige barriére is hun eigen creatieve geest. In de eerste Gamegasm International bijt Richard Castro de spits af met zijn recensie over Super Street Fighter IV op de Playstation 3!

Super Street Fighter IV review by Richard Castro

Even though i have been a fan of Tekken series, sometime ago i decided to try the most recent entry in the series’ strongest rival, Super Street Fighter IV. Mainly because of all the hype around it, I wanted to know what the game is like. Namco’s last entry wasn’t as strong as it used to be, and SSFIV seemed to win this round so I picked up a copy and tried to get serious with it.

Does Super Street Fighter IV satisfy my needs for a good and rewarding fighting game though? And how is the replayability? Do I see myself playing this game for months or even years to come? Find out below.

The good

The amount of strategy involved: if you are the kind of person who loves strategy and calculating the consequences of each move you make this is the game for you. Sometimes one single error can cost you the entire match. The same goes for your opponent. So my advice is to plot several possible outcomes, so you are prepared for even the slightest change in the scenario.

Great Graphics: if you love Japanese anime style graphics this is the game for you, characters are meticulously designed and detailed. You will be amazed that it actually looks better than some 3D fighters out there. I love games where my eyes are being satisfied, so nothing but optimism on this part.

Pure simplicity: even though it might be hard to get on it first if you have never played one of its predecessors, SSFIV offers a simple control scheme, wich is much alike to every character, so if you learn one kind of character, you will be able to play with the others easily and effectively. The amount of depth is as big as you wish, since you have the choice to play the game simply with a controller, but you can also go all out with an arcade stick.

Gameplay: awesome and rewarding. You will feel gratified everytime you pull an ultra move and even as you progress and hone your skills, new challenging moves will keep giving you that warm feeling inside. The fighting goes as smooth as it can possibly get, so you won’t have to be afraid you will rage when an animation doesn’t go the way you want it.

New characters: the roster has been enlarged for this updated version, adding several new characters with wich you can batter your friends with. Now it’s pretty hard not to see a character that suits you perfectly. Every single fighter has his own unique moves and combo’s so I suggest you try them all out, so you can see if someone else than Ken or Ryu matches your needs.

The bad

Lack offline replayability: most fighters these days have a ghost mode, wich enables you to endlessly fight against cpu “ghosts” to help you level up your game, it happens that in SSF4 that mode doesn’t exist. The only modes available are Arcade, in wich you fight against 7-8 characters and have to watch all story cutscenes ( wich can be skipped), with the same boss at the end and almost always the same rival (some characters have 2 different rivals) and the other mode is a versus battle, which pits you against a friend, or a computer controlled character. The bad thing is, everytime you fight a computer controlled character, you have to leave and reselect another one if you wish to change.

Glitches: these happen all the time and can cost you a match. For example, in certain cases, if akuma uses the wrath of the raging demon ultra first and ryu uses his metsu hadouken, akuma’s ultra will hit, while other times its ryu’s ultra that will have the upper hand. This can be extremely frustrating and happens not only to the ultras extent but also with normal and special moves .

This is a great fighting game, definitely the winner of this round. If you don’t own a Street Fighter IV or Super Street Fighter IV copy you should totally pick this one up to try it for the least. If you already own SSIV and want some roster enlargement buy it aswell. To be honest, I’m curious what the developpers will bring out with their newest entry in the franchise soon.


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